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Herpangina Log II (if i wasn't sick...this would be called...CANDLE SIXTEEN)

so the fever is gone for now...but the fucking soars are hurting like a motherfucker. If i decide to infect one of my local gas statios, dollar stores, or pharmacies, there will be pictures. Seeing as I need batteries. I'M GOING TO MAKE THIS EXPIERENCE FUN GOD DAMNIT! So, I'm just going to document this shit. Well lets see, I've thrown up once, taken many advil, given it to all my friends, been craving some fucking CHICKEN, want these converse boots, and those are all my symptoms, oh and the mouth soar count is up to like ten or nine.

So last night, I watched Batman returns. I forgot how awesome that movie is. Before Batman I watched Rocky Horror...good times....(<that ones the period) The Distillers were on Conan (COh - NaN) and they performed 'beat your heart out' from their studio album 'coral fang' or 'oral dilla' depending on whom your ass is a speaking wif. OH! I wrote something about my herpangina...its some pretty hott shit. so there it is down there...

Smelling Salts.
My fever is breaking
And this cancer is burning
I could destroy your
Third world with these, these
Mouth soars, with this, this
Broken, tiny, heart.
Oh your smelling salts
I miss you and you’ve,
You’ve only been gone, gone
For a day, or so, or so
They say. They told me I was sick
Sick today, and tomorrow, times 13
Baby they are bursting, bursting with
The strangest flavors, flavors I have, I have
Never tasted on my, my 14 years, upon
This gray, gray desert, my broken hearted
Funeral pyre, you are hurt and I need to wake
Wake the fuck up. Give me those, those
Smelling salts.

and i'm spent... so i'm going to go see a man about converse boots and some GD chicken, thats you Henry G. hmmm...should I get GAY(K)-F-C

they are like these...except the red is white on the ones i'm getting. They'll make me feel sex.

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