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When friday comes we'll all call rats fish.

When your mother cries over politics you know something is fucked up. I have news. Sorry that i was dead for so long, my computer is too cool for me, like so many other people? Well anyway, I don't play stand up bass anymore, i switched back to cello. So last monday was my first day of school, high school. Its very very lame. I'm getting the little "windows warning" now saying my "virtual memory" is to a dangerous low! OH SHIT! Were all going to die, maybe just me. Highschool made me hate everything. I like lunch, even though i hardly eat, i'm too gothic, SATAN FEEDS ME! Um, I been practicin cello and i suck soo hard. Its so sad outside, i'm a little sad, because summer is ova and i'm livin up at school. It rules my life. I can't write anything anymore, it doesn't work, I GUESS my writing is about to change or evolve or something? WHATS THIS ITS EVOLVING, my nidokin just evolved into a nidoking and it can kick your nidoran's ass! I thought i had a lot to write about, but apprently not, I'm tired of my LJ settings bitches. So i have to do something revolutionary! I don't know what yet. I'll make sure to tell you when i do, but i'll hint at i'm too fat to do that. Ok well this be the fat kid signing off, maybe never signing back...SO GOODBYE BABES
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