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To be famous is so nice, suck my dick, lick my ass.

So i have updated anything that has to do with anything in here it comes.
~July 4th~
The fourth of July consisted of my uncle saying "nigger chasers" and thats really all that happend besides going to leZ fucks homo lickin. There were also fireworks.

~last week~
Gay was being a thief. He stole shiz from borders (a better sex guide) Which he just walked out with. What a crazy. So there was a gay kiss on degrassi...lame. I hate. Um, what else is there to talk about. I'm making my livejournal friends only the second I find a nice little "friends only" thing. Um, yeah Danni dyed her hair, Sam dyed his. Sam pierced his nose, I almost pierced my septum. My life is lame, I'm becoming sucha lamatard. We also went swimming often. Anyway...yesterday it rained like a mother fucker and friday was awesome. I finally found the Party Monster soundtrack. Thats all I can think about...I really need to update daily. Suicide. I also caught up on my sleep today.
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Im a freak i know but i like degrassi. :: hangs head in shame::
degrassi=bad thing to like?...?...

and on that note, Alex, can i touch you ... there?
degrassi is not a bad thing to like, olive it. But the little kiss was
L-A-M-E. Anyway, yes you can touch me...there. And stalker whats going on!
Добрый день


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