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Don't mind thems theys dicks.

Could you strum your guitar any harder? What a fat mamma. So we was in willis tonight and fat mamma was playing guitar like a 300000 pound man would beat his meat (really hard and really fast). So Danni and I picked up guitars and mimiced him until his phone ringed, and like true assholes we screamed while he was on the phone...HAHAHA! AWESOME. Then I sang and i was told that i tried too hard but that i am a good singer. HE WASSSSS A FAGGGG. Greg's shoes came today, they pretty. My dad got in a confrentation. My mother talks to herself about greg (i'm not important). I want to mope around, i'm just going to go become ubber goth and slit my wrists. SO i been listening to RASPY and contimplating getting a start on my summer work, fucking fuck shit out the fucking dust asshole. I watched PYSCHO BEACH PARTY this morning, hott movie Chicklet. I give up on life.
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