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The Only Rape I know, Is happening to you.

I so hate you Journal. I hate you so much. Hate, Hate, Hate, but you're pretty. Um, so they just sit around and do whippets and i have to be mama and attack and then be an asshole about it because josh's fat. I want to do art. So i feel Ostracized and i really don't know why, its gross. One minute i feel like i fit in and then the next i feel like i should die, and go to hell, and die. but what kind of world would that be? I think people would miss me, hun. Sorry, I'm so goth. So I have poetry because I really don't have anything to say because i'm lazy. OH! Gay kissed Zack and Zack shat himself. Anyway...poetry time, fuck poetry time. I'm too lame for that. This song is seriously so awesome, and I wish I could remember what it evolved into "The Only Rape I Know." It turned into something weird. So when is that bitch going to die? I want her to die so i can be sad and wear a shirt that says, "RIP COURTNEY." Pam showed me the stretcher pictures of her, they are soo sad, she just looks ridiculous. I'm sorry.
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