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barrel breasted beagle bitches biting boxer bugs (also known as crabs!)

So i've been a fuckin around on my community that danni and i made.I went to the mall friday and saturady i lost my phone and ate some magical chicken from the chinese place. Then we found my phone and bought some shit. Sam is a tool he tried to steal a book from border's and the alarm went off, how embarassing!!! So today Pam, Greg, and I went to see FARENHEIT 911, it was perdy good but it was really long, and just a little boring? Maybe its because i'm ADD and i had to pee through out the whole movie. So the gay kid (marcus) isn't aloud to come hang out with us at burgundy court for some reason. His parents decided that it makes him a smart ass (Apprently i do that to people???). Ewotic. Yeah hun, thats supposed to say erotic. To tell you the truth the only reason i'm updating this piece of shit is because no one is online to talk to and i'm downloading songs (i'm going to hell). I'm about to watch six feet under, on of the most entertaining shows of all time, then its time for dead like me and then its time to get back online and waste my life. So monday was the most awesome day of my life. Monday the 26 hun. I have the most annoying sickness ever, just hardcore throat pain and snuffy nose and huge f-in huge lymphnodes. MY MACHINE IS F-IN MASSIVE! Ok, anyway i'm too cool for life and so i'm going to move onto bigger and better things like being cooler than you? I want to make a movie now, so someone bring over a video camera and some actors. Also someone needs to buy me this movie called OVER THE EDGE. If anyone can get it for me i'll be the happiest little fuck in all the land. SO WHATS UP BITCHES! So anyway i'm out of things to say but my f-in songs aren't done downloading yet so gimme a minute to think of something cool to tell you.........................................this isn't that cool but i got a book called "SERVANTS OF SATAN" And its about witch trials. The other day we got a baby from kmart a littl elctric one and its black and drinks orange juice and sings itself to sleep. well I think i'm going to go kill myself or something because i am that gothic. I WANT TO DO SOMETHING FOR GD IT. But there isn't anything to do. Um so go f yourself in the a.
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