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Axl Rose = Oral Sex < figure it out?

So i might die soon. I need some fucking brownie bites, really bad, I been wantin them. This is depressing. I might wake my mom up and demand brownie bites, or I might get together some change and see if Father Joshua is home. I changed my Journal, its ugly. Sorry I don't update much, this comouter = homo. So I saw harry potter with ds and mf. <go there, imspiration for my journal, ORANGE MANGO SMOOTHIE! I suck, my face is really dry and my skin is just going to fall of soon revealing my true nature, A SEVEN FOOT TALL LIZARD WOMEN. I had a really scary dream last monday night, suriously, it was SCARY AS SCARY! This thing that kind of looked like leather face, he had no facial features and dried up looking skin and was in a hospital janitor one piece thing (blue) and black dread locked hair, think fetus in fetu. Anyway, he was following me, like just everywhere. He would walk out at night from woods and just look at me. Like, I was at my dad's in the dream, my dad has a picture window over looking his wonderufl pool and some deep woods, he walked out from the woods (very bigfoot like) then he just stared at me...and turned around. Then he walked out of trees and just looked at me at night on our way home from les flick's HOME LIKE INN. Eventually I came to except the fact he was never going to leave me alone. He came to me that night when I went to sleep in the dream, and had a dream inside a dream and he kidnapped me. The Kidnappings then started happening i would find myself somewhere that i didn't fall asleep at. The stupid thing didn't have the mind that if he kidnapped me at my Dad's house he should return me to my dad's, he would return me to my Mom's. So I'm pretty sure it was molesting me. I told everyone, NO ONE BELIEVED ME. Then I woke up and I was EXTREMELY disturbed. It didn't seem to scare anyone I knew...except greg. I don't like being alone in rooms, its just made me all askjhdashjdhasjda and scared. So i'll remember this dream forever and I'm going to write a book. ITS OFFICIAL! OK well, that was the scariest dream i've ever had. The end. WRITING ABOUT IT SCARES ME!!!
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